#photography #humanbody #fluid #gender #process

A collection of self-portraits that, through spiritual optics, testify to my process of changing my identity. It shows a personal process and a certain art therapy, thanks to which I accept and discover a new identity of my body and the setting of my mind.

My generation has endless possibilities to design their avatars in the cyberspace or social media. From an early age, when I played computer games, I identified with a playing character. I have always liked to choose female characters who for me symbolized my other side, which I do not have the opportunity to express in the real world. It wasn’t until a few years later that I began to work on this relationship of my fluid identity and became more interested in the subject.

Thus, my self-portraits capture the process of transformation when something indeterminate metamorphoses from my masculine body, something that is on the verge of indefinability, something where it is comfortable for me to stay. Tattoos, yoga, diet, meditation, nutritional supplements are a medium for me to shape my body and question my identity…