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Timeless performance fluidly working across media and materials. A hint of a vision of the future, which, however, does not bind to the time linear axis, but can be manifested immediately in every human being.
The end of authority. End of hierarchy. The end of gender. The game with five senses is over. It is necessary to wake up several thousand years of sleeping cells. The performers were placed in meditative situations to connect more with their consciousness and the attitude they represent in the performance.

Making of the human body across important directions (body-transformation, lifestyle, body-visual, practising, feminism optic). Several performers directly represented a certain direction of the human body, which I perceive as important and in some cases necessary for the preservation and improvement of the human race
and environmental sustainability.

Here, man has the role of an instrument (color) to create a complete work. It is a key element in the idea of ​​a non-binary concept of people in the world of the future. The boundary between the living entity, living technology and living illusion is blurred. The event took place at the observation observatory of the Žižkov Television Tower with twelve performers with the participation of a selected public.

The beginning of the performance was to get into a kind of nostalgic situation and separate from the contemporary world, which is literally below us. Long views of performers on the city, the setting sun and taking the last selfie on instagram. After a few minutes, the presentation of future visions of the human body began. One person began practicing yoga and fitness, another danced elements of therapy moves with posture, another prepared fruit smoothies and handed them out to the audience, another danced intuitively and through his body connected with the environment and the fog that was all around, another just sat and meditated, another lay immersed in matter, which represented a new perception of material and reality.

Finally, there was a short show focused on the performer’s clothing. The classic catwalk became a chaotically walking army, stopping in front of the people and trying to pass something to them through eye contact, or the performers filmed the audience on their mobile phones (as an illustration of the fact that they are suddenly something interesting to record, they are “those who have not yet been transformed ”).

The complete end came when the music ended and only a vague frequency could be heard. All the performers stood motionless like statues. Was it just an illusion, a game, or did time stop? This was followed by a long meditation period of several minutes, during which the audience was not clear whether the performance was over or not. The constant feeling of confusion, discomfort, stifling air and misinformation was to gradually calm down and the focus was only on the sunset, which was almost dark.