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The performance refers to prenatal development, it captures the human body in the human body, the womb, the moist nourishing and eco-friendly environment of fluids of an amazing mixed mix, the most essential constants.

The viewer is placed in the role of a doctor during an ultrasound examination of the child’s fetus, in the mother’s abdomen. He feels the waves, the frequencies, the reflecting movement, he senses and hopes as much as the mother can guess and hope that the child will be born. Trust him/her as she trusts her/him. That is why these seemingly obscure stages are extremely important, this liminality and subliminality, the subliminal state of things that are not quite clear, they just appear and we trust them. The development that has marked us, that still marks us. The state of mind that created our cradle, our basal core.

curator – Nikolas Bernath / VUNU GALLERY