music video JEZINKY

#eurovision2022 #musicvideo #spirituality #mythology #fear

“Jezinky” are wild woman from the Czech forests. They are mythical creatures seducing people to get lost with them in the woods. Now imagine “Jezinky” represent your fears… Whispering into your ears all your insecurities… Experience the fears. Find your spirituality. Dive into your imagination. Heal. This story is relevant to everybody.

“This is something else. At times, it is more a performance or an experience rather than a song. However, these types of entries have recently fared well at the contest, showing out-of-the-box thinking and progressivism. Although perhaps less accessible to the commercial market, it is possibly the most futuristic entry in the Czech national final combining the current popular spoken word art with Czech folklore. If a song as complicated as “SHUM” can deliver at Eurovision, then “Jezinky” definitely stands a good chance too”. – wiwibloggs Eurovision 2022

Concept and directed by JaCobra
Music and co-directed by Giudi
DOP: Jan Moravec
Edit: Milan Freisler
Color Grading: Patrik Velek (Achtung4k)
Costumes: OVERALL OFFICE, Odivi
Nail art: Anastasiya Adamska
MUA: Koki9
1AC: Ondřej Pokorný
2AC: Roland Szabó
Ronin Operátor: Patrik Bora
Gaffer: Václav Taichman
Best Boys: Lukáš Kahoun, Lukáš Cimr
Production: Giudi, Kateřina Novaková
Assistant production: Sofie Veselá
Jezinky: Rozálie Klimešová, Rokhaya Gueye, Marie Krobová, JaCobra
Cast: New Aliens Agency, Elizabeth Moulisová, Lenka Brskovská, Josef Moulis, Vanda Babická, Tereza Svorcová a Joshua, Mahnoor Ahmed, Dalibor Neumaier, Michal Gavurník, Maria Fibigr, Bára Sarafínová, Vladimir Lugai, Adék Tošnarová, Marta Půšová, Kristýna Houšková
Special thanks to Pavel Jeřábek / Máj 4. patro, Los Rentalos, O2, Championship music, Pivovar Svijany, Jitka Moulisová, Mirri Melcr, PVA Expo Praha, Josef Suchánek