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Although I’m not a fan of sharing very personal things online, I’m with the opinion that mental health should be talked about. 2020 was very wake-up call for me in many ways, the main thing was that I started working with my emotions and with the excess stress I was carrying. When depressions and panic attacks started, it was five years ago, this year the attacks become so strong that I couldn’t hide it anymore, I had to start working with it and deal with the therapist.
Autobiographical video metaphorically illustrates the relationship between light and darkness, polarization of feelings, hopelessness and more. I am aware that this video might be very hard for some of you, but that is exactly what i wanted to give in this video, raw feelings without censorship.
This video was one of many tools for me to process everything. After several months of therapy with a specialist, I switched to self-therapy, which I am currently practicing, it is a process for a long time.
Also thank you very much Allain Dela Negra who helped me to consult this video, in the beggining of 2020 covid ,,pandemic” in Paris.