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During the residence Jakub was working with the community of people from the New Aliens Agency, addressed issues of nature and vulnerability of our selves, which are undoubtedly connected with identity, ego, gender and society. However, in a proper and secure environment where there is no hierarchy, new visions of hybrid futures can develop.

The key words were synthesis, intuition and consciousness. The program presented several discussions both with invited guests and directly with non-models from the agency. The chosen topics were based on the experience of the nonmodels themselves and the invited guests expanded them and give a critical opinion. With each discussion, there was a unique happening for all involved.

The space was also used for the basic functioning of the agency (meetings, work environment, photography of Polaroids …), as well as for experimental events of a critical nature and also for openings of various collaborations that the agency and its members have had in the last six months.