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The curatorial concept of the third edition of the Prague Biennale Project: Magic Carpets addresses the dialectic of the individual and society, the conversation of two inseparably connected entities that meet, support, combine and feed each other and thus determine the trajectory of life, history and myth.

Jakub Ra participated on the project with a group of young people, members of the New Aliens Agency, the internal structure and “hierarchy” of which operates more on a community basis. The outer packaging consists of a commercially functioning modelling and trendsetting agency that represents those who, for various reasons, do not feel comfortable in or do not fit completely into the pigeonholes of mainstream society. Jakub was interested in an intergenerational dialogue, above all in an effort to understand his own identity and certain patterns, roles and boundaries that originate from primary relationships in the family across generations. The group decided to step outside its comfort zone and enter into a dialogue with a group of women visiting Eva Jiřička’s art studio. In several open discussions, participants talked about coming out, lifestyle changes and the details of digital communication. They touched upon intimate areas of life, relationships, and dealing with the blockages and traumas of the past.