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The New Aliens performance in 2017 focused on the community of people as a redefined strategy in contemporary art. Because the agency combines both positions, community vibe and art projects, and a commercial modeling project. It is no novelty that corporate aesthetics, branding and collaboration artist x fashion brand is relatively well represented in contemporary art.

New Aliens is redefining both the modeling profession in the fashion industry and redefining the approach to creating performance. They rediscovers the power and need to work with pathos and reality. New Aliens builds the overall visual identity of the work on the simplest forms and human principles, creating powerful experiences between viewers and performers.

At the same time, their community of people can be perceived as a human body made up of a huge number of cells. Each cell – model / instrument – has its own specific code, its extraordinary relationship to reality and its own movements, facial expressions, behavior, expresses its noncomformance to the system and sympathy, as New Aliens must be part of the system to communicate.