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The term Radical Queer does not appear so often in the Czech context. The local community is not so large, it is not so activist, let alone radical, and it is not extra oppressed (such as in countries such as China, Russia or African states). Although Czech legislation often disadvantages LGBTQIA + people in terms of marriage or adoption of children.
On the streets of Czech cities, however, we can still come across elevated individuals who feel that verbally or physically attacking various minorities is okay. A recent case of a friend of mine, who was verbally attacked and threatened with homophobic insults by employees of the Prague Transport Company, forced me to use radicalism a little more and try to accelerate this energy. But without aggression.

Strategies for infiltrating various systems. One of them is how to get to ordinary people on the street and plant them with an idea for a specific thing. Once in the subway I received a request from a stranger for AirDrop and at that moment I realized this great and easy way to pass something on to people and also directly to my mobile phone, a place that I would say almost 24/7 connected to our brain , whenever and where ever.

That is why in Gallery 207 we are organizing this happening with New Aliens performers, who represent Queer individuals of Czech society. Together we use the AirDrop medium to distribute audiovisual works on the topic of radical activism in the field of human rights aimed at LGBTQIA + people. At the same time, AirDrop is intended only for iPhone users, which, however, raises an interesting issue of segregation in society using technology. The goal is for the viewer to take the outputs with them (audiovisual material in their own phone) so that they can return to them at any time, keep them on the phone and send them to someone else in public at any time via AirDrop.