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The project was part of the nationwide campaign 30 Years of Freedom in Art, and my two photographs were selected, the photographs concern the emancipation of minorities. Thanks to the Velvet Revolution, we became more connected to the Western world, which has always been the one that pushed the boundaries. Whether it’s access to LGBTQIA + people, or ethnic representation and diversity of society, or artistic expression and fashion associated with gender expression.

For our generation of Millennials, living in freedom means mostly that we can behave the way we want, we can express our opinions and attitudes, and we can look the way we want. We can change identities, we can experiment with sexuality, we can be politically incorrect, we can protest, we can have alternative families and most importantly – be ourselves!Therefore, these two photographs are kind of a manifesto. The first photo shows a gay couple expressing a love affair.

The second photo is a community of people who combine unclassifiableness and non-conformity with the current status quo. Their gender is fluidly balanced on a wide scale, their bodies are unique and their energy can inspire thousands of other young people who do not yet have the strength and confidence to stand out from the crowd.

The final pictures were depicted in public space on city lights across the Prague.